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Azeezah’s Junior Pony Club (A.J.P.C.) is our incredible service provision for young people between the ages of 6 – 12 years of age (though, where there is an extremely keen interest, young people up to the age of fourteen can be accommodated for). Our aim through the club is to create a new generation of equestrian superstar, where those engaged can develop social skills, work on confidence, self esteem and discipline through learning 'All Things Equestrian’. This involves activities relating to horses and ponies; meaning engaging in horse care, stable management and riding (equine assisted learning). .

Azeezah’s Junior Pony Club consists of three strands, the club itself (which runs during term time), Pony Play-Schemes and Pony Camps/ Residentials. This initiative is our first of many to come and was set up to address the need for a more diverse and inclusive audience within the U.K’s equestrian industry. The club provides a unique friendly therapeutic environment where new friendships are made.

Azeezah, whom the club is the named after is Freedom’s 11 year old daughter. She is also a published author (since 8 years old) and is the main reason for the creation of the club.

Having run the pilot scheme between April and October 2017 and delivering fantastic results, we have learnt many things and as such improved the framework of the Club, which means what we do, is now bigger and better!


Our Pony Playschemes takes place over 1 or 2 days during the half-term and summer holidays. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a full day of equestrian engagement, horse riding and fun equine related activities. Your child will spend a day taking in the wonderful scenery of rural Leicestershire and experience six hours and thirty minutes connected to the equestrian world. If you are an A.J.P.C member you receive priority booking and a discount. Non-members of Azeezah's Junior Pony Club are very welcome to attend by enrolling.


Coming soon will be our amazing Pony Camps/ Residentials. Our Pony Camps are a fantastic opportunity for us to explore the English countryside.. It enables us as a local and wider community to form new bonds. Our Pony Camps will be open to all members of the community and it is a fantastic opportunities for young people and families to spend quality time out of the city and re-connect with nature. We intend to brind cities together through our Pony Camps/ Residentials. Our Residentials will take place in at our stunning site in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire. Whilst we are focused on equestrian themed activities, our Academy understands the benefits of relaxation, creativity and wellbeing.



What does it take to take care of a horse? There are so many attributes and skills involved in horse care. Azeezah’s Junior Pony Club (A.J.P.C.) starts with teaching the basics and fundamentals of horse care. It is key for us to teach them that caring for a horse is a huge responsibility. Also we teach them that they are responsible for the welfare of these beautiful animals. We provide this through specialist formal learning and practical teaching. Kids attending the pony club will learn all about horse equipment and clothing, caring for grass stable kept horses,horse health, livery yard duties and how to feed horses.


HAIRSTYLE - Please ensure that your child's hair style is hairstyles is suitable for a close fitting hat, otherwise styles may have to be undone in order for hats to fit comfortably, in extreme circumstances they may not be able to ride.

FOOTWEAR - BOOTS or SHOES that have a smooth sole and a small-defined heel. Please note: - trainers or wellingtons are UNSUITABLE. We have a small selection of boots. The host venue does not provide boots. However should this be a problem please speak to a member of staff/ contact us to discuss requirements further as we have measures to accommodate.

GLOVES - we recommend that gloves are purchased to keep hands warm particularly during winter months and for riding sessions after a few sessions.

JODHPURS - are specially designed for riding, but any comfortable long trousers for instance jogging bottoms will be fine to get started.

GENERAL CLOTHING - Weather resistant and warm clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions and must be correctly fastened for safety. We recommend long sleeves especially during the winter months and during the spring where the weather can be particularly wet.

BACK PROTECTORS - Many riders choose to wear these to provide extra protection. However, they are not essential until clients wish to participate in jumping.

NO JEWELLERY is to be worn on the yard except a nose stud and earring studs.


We encourage you to sign up your child to our pony club. Why? Well, we are all one big family. Your child will be in a safe, secure environment and experience the wonderful world of equestrianism. We encourage personal development and look to provide your child with life changing challenges and knowledge. We believe that every child has the potential to excel in the equine industry.

Pony Playschemes, Camps and Residentials will be individually priced depending on the activities involved, funding and host venue. The cost for our after school Club A.J.P.C will be confirmed. Being a REGISTERED MEMBER of the ‘TERM TIME PROGRAMME’ does mean special offers/ discounts on most A.J.P.C services. In order to improve our processes, we now require a monthly payment into our account on the 01st of each month. Payments can be made directly into our account by Cash, Cheque or Standing Order (details below).

Play Schemes and Camps normally run 09.00am until 15.30pm. If using the minibus service, collection and drop off times are normally 30 minutes before and after the above stated times; however this will be communicated prior to programme commencement, as may vary depending on the half term and host venue. We will provide all information in advance. Please contact us for specific information on a particular Scheme or Camp where necessary.

For more information please call us on 07479 708009 or email us at