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    Horse Riding For Under 6 Year Olds In Leicester

    UNDER 6'S

    Horse Riding For Leicester Preschoolers


    horse riding in the leicester countryside


Mini Me Pony Sessions - following the great success of A.J.P.C we were finding parents and carers wanted to know if children aged under 6 could attend. This present T.U.E.A the perfect opportunity to launch a new programme that catered for our most youngest members of community. Our Mini Me Pony Sessions are open to 3-5 year olds who want to enter the world of equestrianism. We provide a fun, interactive, safe and rewarding programme where we understand the pace, fears and challenges our Mini Me members have. The safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us. So we are always re-evaluating our policies when it comes to safety and risk assessment. Horse riding for preschoolers and toddlers can be an integral part of their early years development and fantastic preparation for their future A.J.P.C enrolment.


From a very early age we want to introduce our Mini Me Pony Sessions members to the very rewarding world of equestrianism. Horse riding and horse care are key components of this programme. For the vast majority of our youngest members of the community it will be the first contact they have with a horse. We want them to face challenges with the full support of our team, working at their pace to develop and connect with horses. We provide a friendly and compassionate environment with the assistance of their parents/ carers/ guardians where they can grow and start to develop an amazing relationship with horses. As a team, we are inspired by their commitment, courage and joy. They are our future and we must support the early years of their development - confidence is key! We give them the opportunity to participate in horse riding and horse care from such an early age. We open eyes to a very rewarding hobby that can lead to a incredible career in the equine industry. That journey starts from now.


HAIRSTYLE - Please ensure that your child's hair style is hairstyles is suitable for a close fitting hat, otherwise styles may have to be undone in order for hats to fit comfortably, in extreme circumstances they may not be able to ride.

FOOTWEAR - BOOTS or SHOES that have a smooth sole and a small-defined heel. We have a small selection of boots. The host venue does not provide boots. However should this be a problem please speak to a member of staff/ contact us to discuss requirements further as we have measures to accommodate.

GENERAL CLOTHING - Weather resistant and warm clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions and must be correctly fastened for safety. We recommend long sleeves especially during the winter months and during the spring where the weather can be particularly wet.

NO JEWELLERY is to be worn on the yard except a nose stud and earring studs.


We run these sessions bi – weekly on a Sunday afternoon with the session consisting of a 25 minute Horse Care session and then a 25 minute Pony Ride. The session usually runs between 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Our minibus service will depart from the African Caribbean Centre at 1.30pm making stops en-route to the stables, this is all part of the service. Parents have to attend this session due to the age of those involved. The cost for this service is currently to be confirmed.

Bookings for these sessions have to be made through us. For further information relating to this service simply get in touch. For more information please call us on 07479 708009 or email us at for full details.