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    Increased participation in horse riding from BAME communities


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We Ride Too is a specialist programme which encourages inner-city children, faith groups, specialist organisations and specific communities such as those classed as BAME to embrace the world of equestrianism.

Our groundbreaking social enterprise ‘The Urban Equestrian Academy’ aspires to open doors that have not been visibly present before in the Equestrian world. Our clear ethos is focused on widening participation of those with the least experience in the Equestrian world and also individuals/ communities with the least access to it. From ages 4 to 65 (and older) we aim to get as many people in local and wider communities in Leicester and throughout the UK - riding.


We Ride Too provides a viable pathway for anybody involved with our academy into the equine industry. We believe we have the ability to offer an insight that leads to children, teens, the disadvantaged, young adults, elders, refugees, in fact anybody, to realistically feel within themselves that YES they could well have a future in equestrianism. There is an increased focus and structure to encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds and communities to get involved in equestrianism. Accessibility and cost are two factors The Urban Equestrian Academy initially highlighted as important factors to consider. However there are many more factors that need to be highlighted. Our We Ride Too program is based on building bridges; especially between communities who have little to no interaction. Equestrianism being the common denominator which forms the catalyst to birth inter-community cohesion on a unique and effective level. We want as many people riding, interacting with horses and looking at the equine world as a place where they belong. Inspiring futures, enhancing personal wellbeing and strengthening communities. Horses and the Equestrian world has such untapped potential which is life changing.


Our programmes aims to work with schools to focus on pupil wellbeing. We hope to enhance the emotional climate within Leicestershire schools. We Ride Too wants pupils to focus on personal development and take their achievements/mindset into the school environment. It is also an opportunity for teachers to focus on their wellbeing and personal/professional development. Forming stronger bonds and greater insight into the pupils they teach. We hope to work closely with the local authority, specialist organisations and individuals who have a passion to enhance pupil wellbeing in Leicester. With us it does not stop there. We have started a national campaign where we want to see a greater focus on informal/formal learning outside of the classroom. Equestrianism being our platform to make this happen.



Horse care is an important aspect of Equestrianism that is close to our hearts. Taking care of a horse is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. We Ride Too initially teaching the fundamentals of taking care of a horse. Our pony club programs enable our youngest members of the community to take care of ponies. Taking care of a horse is a huge responsibility, helping us to grow as individuals and as a community. There are key attributes needed to interact positively and with compassion with these very special animals. Our dedicated team provides a specialist informal/formal learning and specialist teaching program. Our aim is to build our very own Equestrian Centre. We are very fortunate to be working closely with a number of top riding centres to help us deliver our We Ride Too program.


We encourage all members of the community to get involved in some way with this specialist Leicester equine programme. Why? We all want a brighter future for ourselves, our loved ones and fellow members of our community. We have a love for our city and an opportunity to now experience the world of Equestrianism. Our We Ride Too program encourages personal development, enhanced wellbeing and an opportunity to interact with other communities. It provides opportunities for horse riding, horse care, trips to Equestrian events, shows and competitions. The Urban Equestrian Academy (T.U.E.A) aims encourage a new found love for horses and also the English countryside. For more information please call us on 07479 708009.