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Ride & Reggae is a groundbreaking corporate team building Leicester package which combines horse riding, horse care and stable management. Enjoy luxurious Caribbean Cuisine and Live Reggae Music, all at one of Leicester's most prestigious equestrian host venues. There is a unique powerful connection horses have with people. We use this to deliver a corporate day with a powerful difference. Our corporate team building package is for a minimum of 5 people. The environment you enter into will be a safe, structured, challenging, often surprising but very rewarding one. The Urban Equestrian Academy can tailor the day (in a bespoke fashion) to focus on specific areas of personal and professional development for your team. We aid continual professional development. Our experience assists communication between team members and has the potential to unlock communication issues. Our Ride & Reggae team have the ability to react and implement the necessary changes in an instant to ensure your corporate team building experience creates positive change.


Interacting with horses is a powerful and very often life changing experience. By encountering the psychological, therapeutic, compassionate and physical power of horses, Ride & Reggae can help you develop the following:

- Building specific and sustainable confidence and leadership skills
- Inspire your team to learn more about each other. So they can understand each others core strengths, weaknesses and abilities.
- Enhance key attributes that include patience, problem solving, resolve and innovative thinking.
- Boost individual morale that is not a 'flash in the pan' moment but something that inspires individuals use the experience as a platform to build upon.
- Developing a strong team morale, creating an amazing bond and creating respect among the team.

Our Ride & Reggae team are all about setting tried and tested challenges that focus on personal development. Team members will gain a unique insight and deeper understanding of themselves. They will also develop a much greater understanding of other team members and individuals.

Safety is always are top priority. Our Ride & Reggae team will go through all the safety aspects of the day and are always on hand to oversee your safety. We provide a very friendly, safe, fun and interactive environment where you don't just encounter a day with horses - but a life changing experience.


Even though your team may spend hours working and interacting with each other, there are so many undiscovered individual qualities and work related issues that exist. Ride & Reggae focuses on being the catalyst for creating a team bond that represents a new chapter for your team. Everybody has talents and gifts. Our day has specialist tasks and activities that help others unlock the understanding of everybody's hidden personality qualities/attributes. Our equestrian orientated corporate team building day focuses helping individuals build trust with each other. Some tasks need you to think outside of the box and may be initially slightly out of your perceived comfort zone. It provides opportunities for people to find discover or enhance leadership skills.

You will be faced with tackling an activity that requires you to work together. These encourages a strong bond that can be transferred to the working environment. Finding solutions is part of corporate life. How you go about that process as individuals and more importantly a team is often the difference between success or failure.

You will experience horse riding and unique aspects of horse care. Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility but a very rewarding experience.


The Caribbean is a diverse collection of beautiful islands/countries that all have a colourful and vibrant energy to them. Ride & Reggae is full of colour, energy, passion, character and life. You will be treated to amazing live music, luxurious Caribbean cuisine and the opportunity to encounter so much joy. You may never of had the opportunity as a team to simply laugh, create amazing memories and enjoy each other's company outside your working environment. We inspire fun and joy that helps you mental and emotional wellbeing. Personal wellbeing is something that is often overlooked or not given the level of importance it should. Everybody should always look to compliment each others mental and emotional well being. When faced with stressful work situations, how we communicate and respect others is key to a successful outcome. Equally as important how we interact with each other as people is key. Positive and healthy communication is always the best for of communication. Explore parts of your personality that may be repressed or simply never had the opportunity or setting to come to the forefront.


Our Ride & Reggae experience starts at 9am, where you are treated to healthy breakfast. You will have an opportunity to meet and talk with our team. Our ice breaker session is the perfect way to kick start the day. The day finishes at 3.30pm. Within that time you will be treated to live musical entertainment and a luxurious Caribbean lunch.

For more information including pricing please call us on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.