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    Neetz Ride Too


    personal development for teenagers not in education


    supporting teenagers not in education, employment or training


Neetz Ride Too (now known as Rebel Riderz) is a groundbreaking program in Leicester The Urban Equestrian Academy aims to establish nationwide. It was established as a unique Equestrian Accredited Pathway program, aimed at 13-19 year olds who are not in education, employment or training. This is a rare opportunity for young people to engage in a program that educates through a fun and therapeutic structure. Equine assisted learning for teenagers has proved very effective. We help to provide extra information and findings on this study.

Through equine assisted learning and mentoring the aim of the program is to provide a pathway of personal development and change lives for the better. Horse therapy is not a new practice and has been used for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. Horses are very honest animals and have a unique capability of reading human emotions. Within the framework of a structured program, horses will be the main focal point to help foster positive change in our 16-18 year olds who are not in education, training or employment. There will be times where we encourage everyone to slightly step out of their comfort zone to rise to new challenges. We provide the freedom, the support and a safe, friendly environment for the opportunity to learn/grow.


Young people will work with horses and receive a minimum unit of Level 1. They will also achieve build an accredited (NOCN) personal career portfolio (PCP) & Progressive Riding Certificate recognised by the British Horse Society (BHS). They will gain a dynamic and in-depth insight into the Equestrian world’s unique career prospects. We look to inspire and provide the means and ways for our 16-18 years to progress not just via education or employment, but on a personal developmental level. It is important for us to keep building partnerships with the best organisations and companies who can provide additional support and opportunities. Our aim is to provide our 16-18 year olds with viable opportunities as they are our future. A future in equine industry is certainly a viable option for them and The Urban Equestrian Academy (T.U.E.A) is there to support them on the first steps of this journey. Also, we provide structured ongoing support.


Elements of the programme are structured around entail to Equestrian establishments such as race yards, stud farms, events and competitions. Young people will also have the opportunity to further their education in Equine studies beyond this programme or will be supported into and through employment. All equestrian clothing and equipment is provided by T.U.E.A for the duration of the program, as is transportation to and from equestrian centres. We successfully raised £8252 to purchase a minibus through our Spacehive Crowdfunding campaign. We would like to extend a big thank you to everybody who supported us. Our local and wider community in Leicester, other cities and internationally provided such great support.



What is involved with taking care of a horse? There are so many skills and attributes involved in horse care. Neetz Ride Too (A.J.P.C.) starts with teaching the fundamentals of horse care. It is key for us to teach our 16-18 year olds that taking care of a horse is a major responsibility. Teaching them that they are responsible for the welfare of these amazing animals will filter through to their own lives. Our team provides a specialist informal/formal learning and practical teaching program. Young persons attending will learn all about horse equipment and clothing, caring for grass stable kept horses,horse health, livery yard duties and how to feed horses.


We encourage organisations, parents and carers to sign up their child to our Neetz Ride Too program. Why? Well, we genuinely believe that every 16-18 year old should have our full support as they are our future. Your child will be in a safe, and inspirational environment. Our Neetz Ride Too program encourages personal development and looks to provide a pathway for 16-18 year olds back into employment, education or training. We believe that young person has the potential to have a career in the equine industry. The Urban Equestrian Academy (T.U.E.A) aims encourage a sincere love for horses, the English countryside, equestrian events fairs, shows and competitions. The T.U.E.A staff are fully trained and are all CRB checked. We inspire laughter, friendships, compassion, new beginnings and personal development using equine assisted learning.