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    Equestrian Sports Leicester


The Urban Equestrian Academy has a clear vision for the future. We will establish our very own equestrian centre of excellence. This will be part of our Academy. Then we are going to find and train the equestrian superstars of the future. Our Equestrian Sports Club Leicester will spearhead this. The stars of tomorrow's equestrian world come from any city, any community and any background in the UK. Our aim is to increase participation in equestrianism from communities who have not had the opportunity to access this world. Our equine sports Leicester programmes all have the structure and professionalism to provide the natural progression into equine sports.

Leicester is an amazing city in the East Midlands that has produce world class equestrian superstars. It also has experienced global recognition for other sporting successes. Our specialist club will focus on show jumping, polo, dressage, horse racing and eventing.

For more information please call us on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.


Dressage is often seen as the "highest form of horse training" possible. So our future equestrian superstars in Leicester and the UK certainly have their work cut out for them. Our specialist dressage trainers have all competed at the highest level and are their to guide and help them progress through this equestrian sporting discipline. We have access to some of the best equine sports training and riding facilities in Leicester. Our aim is to produce very best competitors who will go on to represent their country at the World Equestrian Games and Olympic games. We will help them master the movements so they can aim to get a score of 10 for every test they face at competitive events.

All of our sports clubs members are taught that horse care is a big but rewarding responsibility. Representing their city is a huge honour and all of our members have to adhere to our code of ethics. They will learn to have the utmost respect for the welfare of every horse they interact with. They will form unbreakable bonds with each horse they ride.

For more information please call us on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.


The Urban Equestrian Academy has an ethos where everybody is part of a family. Being part of such an inclusive and friendly family is being part of a team. Polo is a team sport where skill, temperament, horse riding skills and communication are key. Many of our newest members have never seen a polo match. Our pony clubs give our youngest members the opportunity to go on group hacks. That bond and trust is built from the very early years. Being part of our equestrian sports club will provide the opportunity to attend polo matches. It is essential all of our polo players get to experience first hand the skill and the excitement of a polo match.


Developing a relationship with a horse is all based on trust. Bonds are formed through our specialist equestrian and pony clubs. Horse care and equine assisted learning provides personal development and a love for horses that is hard to put into words. Show jumping is all about skill, timing and discipline. Our equine sports club has access to some of the best show jumping training facilities in Leicester. Horse and rider skillfully jumping over coloured fences is such a joy to watch - but so much more of a joy to take part in. The Urban Equestrian Academy will help to develop from grassroots level show jumping training.

For more information please call us on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.


Horse Racing is a sport which has a worldwide following. Whether it is over the flat or jumps, our equine sports club focuses at grassroots level producing strong riders. Our specialist training will inspire the future race winners of tomorrow. The welfare of all horses is our main priority. Also the safety of our riders. Leicester is home to Leicester Racecourse, which is one of the finest horse racing establishments in the UK. One day our members will race there and you will see a Grand National winner from our city.

For more information please call us on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.