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    Equestrianism For Senior Citizens


    Equine Therapy For The Elderly


    horse riding in the leicester countryside


Our Senior Citizens Equestrian Club provides some of the oldest members of our local and wider Leicester community the opportunity to interact with horses. The Urban Equestrian Academy (T.U.E.A) believes it is vitally important to support and enhance the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of eldest members of our communities. Equine therapy for the elderly is a groundbreaking and beneficial practice that helps their wellbeing. T.U.E.A understands that many senior citizens (elderly people) often face issues like isolation, lack of social engagement and mental/physical ailments. Many are recovering from illnesses and operations. Support groups in Leicester often face lack of funding to provide the help for senior citizens that they want to.

Our Senior Citizens Equestrian Club hopes to bring joy into the lives of our eldest members of the Leicester Community. At this time the Covid-19 ourbreak has massively imapcted the UK. Sadly Leicester has seen deaths due to coronavirus among its eldest members of our community. We do hope the battle against Covid-19 can be won. When the UK is in a position to fully return back to normality then we are there to provide equine programs for the elderly/senior citizens. They have been most at risk and their mental health, not just their physical health has been impacted. If you run an organisation for senior citizens and feel they will benefit from visiting our horses and getting back out into nature, please get into contact with us. We care about the wellbeing of our eldest members of the community.


Horses are amazing and majestic animals. Their movement has a unique and balanced rhythm to it. The repetitiveness of their movements can help the physical health of our elderly members of the Leicester community. Horses provide a unique base of support for our senior citizens who poor posture control as well as problems with balance. For individuals who are not as mobile, horses again provide that strong and secure support base.

For senior citizens who have suffered poor traumatic brain injuries, horses can help them in many ways. Stroke survivors often struggle as outpatients. Our equestrian programme aims to help in the process of stroke recovery. We are working on a specific equine therapy programme that we can approach local and national stroke recovery organisations with.

Horses can help with mobility and posture issues. As a horse changes its manner of walking its elderly riders can slowly develop better muscle control and flexibility. Improved coordination is another aspect our specialist equine therapy programme is designed to focus on.


Many of our senior citizens suffer in silence. Lack of human interaction, loneliness and isolation are just some of the issues they face. This impacts heavily on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Our equine therapy programme focuses on helping combat depression, confidence, anxiety and non-verbal communication skills. We deliver sessions to groups, so it gives the opportunity for people to create new friendships and engage in conversation. We hope to encourage conversation between senior citizens. Equine therapy for the elderly provides an opportunity for individuals to spend valuable time with horses. Whilst getting them to interact and engage with various elements of horse care, there is an opportunity to talk to them. With the help of professional therapists our aim is to gain a greater understanding of everybody on an individual basis. We can highlight people at risk and help identify issues they are facing


Horse care is a very important element of our equine therapy programme for senior citizens in Leicester. Everybody has fears and for the eldest members of our community often their fears are never identified. Horses are very honest animals and have the amazing ability to decipher human emotion. Whilst caring for horses we hope they can find the process therapeutic. Senior citizens (the elderly) can boost their self esteem during the process of horse care and be grow emotionally. We hope to partner with top professional therapists to work on an individual basis during the horse care process.


If you are a residential home, carer or local organisation who feel senior citizens in your care can benefit from our equestrian club then please contact us. For more information please call us on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.