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Pupil Wellbeing In Leicester is an issue close to the hearts of The Urban Equestrian Academy. The emotional and overall wellbeing of our young people should be of the highest priority. We believe that a happy pupil who has access to activities that help them to positively connect with horses, team building, leadership skills, behavioural improvement and physical activity will aid their wellbeing both physically and emotionally. Horses are wonderful animals who have a caring and perceptive honesty about them. Through equine assisted learning we believe pupil wellbeing in Leicester can be improved. Our services enable children from all communities (inner-city and rural) to connect with equestrianism and each other. So much can be done through informal and formal education to further improve upon the wellbeing of our pupils in Leicester. As a city, we should do all we can to help children in not just their educational journey but also their life journey. We understand this is an issue (nationally) that the government has given priority to. We see so many opportunities for local communities, local businesses, individuals and charities to think more creatively about the issue. Horses can play a vital educational role in the development of a pupil's wellbeing. This will have a positive effect on schools. We also believe teacher wellbeing in Leicester is also a critical issue. Quite often the importance of their overall wellbeing is not given the attention it deserves. Happier and healthier teachers and pupils, improve schools. The Urban Equestrian Academy wants to do everything in its power to enrich schools in Leicester. Parents/carers/guardians play an integral role in their child's education and wellbeing. Together as a community, as a city let us do all we can to enrich the lives of our young people. Horses are like a mirror and respond to the behaviour and emotions of young children and teenagers. Children who have behavioural problems, living with autism or attention deficit disorder can all benefit from the world of equestrianism and interaction with horses.

Pupils can benefit from equestrianism by

- being able to connect with different communities

- the opportunity to be in the countryside and experience nature

- the opportunity and the responsibility to care for animals (horses)

- learning transferrable skills like leadership and teamwork

- A powerful self-discovery tool

- A therapeutic experience that improves emotional wellbeing

- Improved social interaction



Leicester is a beautiful city and has many schools. Over recent years there have been many piloted programmes that schools have undertaken to improve the emotional and overall wellbeing of its pupils. Helping pupils in Leicester to understand their emotions, improve their self-esteem, experience healthy social interaction and be able to express their emotions in a positive and creative way should always be of top importance. Every aspect of pupil wellbeing should be focused on. There are many fantastic organisations and local community groups who can help with this vital issue for our city's pupils.


Neetz Ride Too is one of The Urban Equestrian Academy's groundbreaking programmes in Leicester. Our goal is to establish this programme not just city-wide but nationwide. It was originally established as a unique Equestrian Accredited Pathway program which is aimed at 16-18 year olds who are not in education, employment or training. This is a rare and fantastic opportunity for young people to engage in a program that educates through fun and therapeutic structure. This programme aims to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing through the world of equestrianism and interaction with horses.



Emotional wellbeing is all about how we look after and safeguard our mental health. It is how we effectively manage our feelings, actions and thoughts as we go about our daily lives. For children, this is often a challenging task. We live in a world today where they are exposed to a vast amount of information. Their educational journey is one of the most important that they will ever embark on. Social learning/emotional learning is key to their development. Leicester is a very multicultural and friendly city. Together communities can work towards ensuring issues like the mental health of children always takes top priority. Schools play a vital role in the educational and also life journey of its pupils. More awareness and information is an excellent starting point for dealing with such an important issue. Horses provide the opportunity for children to gain that fun sense of community. No child should ever be written off. They need support, understanding and guidance - especially when it comes to issues like mental health. It has been reported that a third of teachers experience mental health problems. More needs to be done to tackle this issue.

Visit for more information about the Department of Education's health and wellebing for pupils in the UK.


Parents, teacher and pupils are at the heart of every school community. To enable a healthy school community their wellbeing needs to be a top priority. Happier parents, happier teachers and happier pupils in Leicester will lead to happier schools. The Urban Equestrian Academy's services and programmes are designed to enhance and enrich communities within communities. Pupil wellbeing and the overall improvement of wellbeing in schools in Leicester is a top priority for 2019.



If you are a parent, teacher or school in Leicester who would like to find out more about how equestrianism and equine assisted learning can improve pupil wellbeing, then please get in touch with us.

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