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TSB Local Pride celebrates people who help others throughout Britain. TSB has genuinely supported local communities to nurture its talents and be the best they can be. We all can share our gifts and talents and make our local community a happier, more cohesive and loving environment. There are often unsung heroes in each local community who tirelessly strive to make it a better place. Over the years many local communities have seen grants and funding cut. But where there is a belief, a desire and a collective effort to make positive change - anything is possible. TSB Local Pride celebrates the people who do all they can to make their community thrive.

We are deeply humbled being featured as a Local Pride story.

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Here is an excerpt of the article (referenced from the TSB official website)

Freedom Zampaladus is the founder of the Urban Equestrian Academy in Leicester. One of the projects he runs is Azeezah’s Junior Pony Club for six to 12-year-olds. Since it opened two years ago numbers have grown and there are now 60 regular attendees and 150 who come during the holidays.

Children meet every Tuesday and Thursday outside the African-Caribbean Centre in Leicester where they are taken by minibus to stables where, for a couple of hours, they get to groom and ride horses.

“There are a number of reasons why these particular children are not able to take up these kind of opportunities; a lack of access, the cost, and also because of an ongoing stereotype that horse riding is the reserve of the wealthy and middle class,” explained Freedom. “There were families reluctant to get involved. I wanted to change that and open up the world of equestrianism.”

As well as riding, the Pony Club helps kids develop their confidence, social skills and self-esteem. It provides a unique, friendly therapeutic environment where new friendships are made.

“Pony club makes me good because I like riding. I like putting the ponies to their stables. It makes me happy going to pony club. If I didn’t have pony club I would not be able to be with the ponies,” said Eesa Khan, who is 9 years old and autistic. “Teamwork makes our dream work. We learn about one of the most extraordinary animals in the world.”


Local communities across Britain all have their challenges. What is refreshing for Urban Equestrian to see, is the talent, the love and the support local communities in Leicester have. We will always strive to do our bit to make our local community more cohesive, loving and happy. We are humbled to see local communities around the country who work together to make theirs a better place. We owe all our current success to the members of our local community who have supported us in so many ways. Volunteers, parents/guardians/carers, local organisations, businesses, the local authority, schools, colleges and the City Mayor's office have supported us, and we thank you. They have all gone beyond the call of duty to ensure equestrianism in the inner-city and throughout Leicester can be accessed by children, teens and adults who have never had access to this beautiful world before.


Our Feature as a Local Pride Story came as a huge with shock and we are delighted to be considered as an organisation that makes a positive difference in their local community. Something beyond our wildest dreams has somehow, out of the blue become a reality. The Urban Equestrian Academy loves the city of Leicester. Our city is blessed with many diverse communities, fantastic history and the friendliest people. Like any city, our local communities still face many challenges. With hard work and working together - anything can be achieved.



TSB Local Pride celebrates the many people across Britain who are the 'Pride Of Britain'. Everyday people who make a fantastic difference to their local community and the lives of its residents. TSB's partnership with the Pride Of Britain Awards provides the platform for the nation to recognise the courage, hard work and heart of these amazing people.


The Urban Equestrian Academy wants to extend a big thank you to everybody that has supported us. Especially everybody who was involved in our Crowdfunding campaign where we successfully raised £8300 for a minibus. Every bit of your support continues to make it possible for us to deliver our services to the local community.



We value every bit of support we get. If you would like to support us or get involved please visit

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