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    Corporate Team Building Leicester


    Team Building Using Horses


    Caribbean Inspired Team Building Experience


Our corporate team building Leicester experience is one of the most unique in the city. Through equestrianism we help strengthen teamwork, form unbreakable team bonding and inspire hidden leadership skills. This is achieved with challenging and inspirational activities which include horse riding, stable management and horse care. Our corporate team building programmes is called Ride & Reggae. With the joyful and colourful rhythms, energy and relaxing freedom of the Caribbean, you'll encounter team building that also enhances your personal wellbeing.

Our team provide a structured approach to the enhancement of individual and team performance. The difference between us and other corporate team building Leicester programmes/activities is our groundbreaking innovation via the world of equestrianism. Our activities will be ones you will never have encountered before. It is our mission to get to understand every individual, company ethos, history, issues and intended goals. We provide a positive life changing experience that will be embedded in each team member to carry forward in their professional careers. Horses are graceful, powerful and honest animals. They are often the best mediators we could wish for. Non- verbal communication is often a subject that is overlooked. It can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. Your team will get to experience the wonderful Leicestershire countryside; encountering a fun and challenging day.


Equine assisted learning is a very powerful tool to enhance personal and continual professional development. Many corporate business owners, high flying executives, company directors and managers operate under extreme stress. The work/life balance often skews and effects not just professional performance but impacts their personal wellbeing and life. Horses are among the wisest of animals. Throughout history you have seen the deep bond humanity has had with these amazing animals. They can act as non-judgmental mentors that help us understand our behaviors, mindset and fears. They are the humble stars of team building and establish bonds that even inspire bonding outside working hours. They have a unique ability to accurately read our fears, emotions and intentions. Horses can read our subconscious behaviors and movements.

We are of only a few companies in Leicester and the whole of the United Kingdom to use the power of horses for corporate team building. One on one interaction with horses is where breakthroughs happen.


Understanding the dynamics, responses and behavior of the horse in relation to our interaction is very eye opening. The way we communicate with a horse and how they respond tells us many powerful things about our communication skills. In that moment of effectively communicating with such a powerful and big animal, it provides a confidence boost that you will remember forever. Our activities are very interactive and you will learn directly through interaction that you will not encounter in a more traditional session. Our team building activities help you focus on building the following skills:

  • Helping you build leadership skills via interaction with horses in a team and individual setting. Using horses to teach leadership is a very dynamic way to achieve specific goals/objectives.
  • Enhancing your confidence and building dynamic awareness and courage that is instinctive.
  • Helping to develop trust between individuals and creating a team bond based on that trust.
  • Promoting and establishing cohesion between all team members that inspires everybody to work harder for each other and the company.
  • Helping people understand their own emotional wellbeing/intelligence. Also, helping others respect the emotional wellbeing of others.
  • Inspire your team to learn more about each other. So they can understand each others core strengths, weaknesses and abilities.
  • Helping you enhance communication skills, especially interpersonal ones. This will give you the edge in the corporate world as a business deal or problem could hinge on effective communication (especially face to face). Verbal and non-verbal communication skills can be enhanced via one on one interaction with horses.
  • Helping your team develop patience, which is a key attribute to problem solving.
  • Boosting individual and team morale. Having fun, experiencing real joy as a team outside the work/office setting.

Equestrianism is very diverse. Our equestrian based activities help you build and develop skills in a manner that inspires you to be honest with yourself. Only when that raw honesty is evoked can real and sustainable progress be made.


Ride & Reggae is the only corporate team building programme that provides corporate hospitality/entertainment with an authentic Caribbean experience. Hard work will be encountered, but is balanced with fun, the ability to feel free and experience a true joy. You will enjoy the finest luxury Caribbean cuisine. Also you will be treated to live reggae music from the top reggae musicians and stars from the UK and globally. This Truly is a once in a lifetime experience that you know you want to be part of.

We focuses on creating a new start/chapter for your team. This equestrian inspired prgoramme is delivered from top corporate venues that have the best facilities. We are there to help you find solutions and implement them The Caribbean is a beautiful collection of different islands and countries. Bring some energy, drive, colour, passion and joy back to your team. Low morale will always equal low performance. It isn't rocket science to understand that people that feel overworked and under-valued do not operate at 100% of their skill level. That interacts on business and others. If you are a company owner who understand team morale is low, then our programme is the solution.


The amazing team building experience starts bright and early at 9am. Breakfast is a very important meal and it is worrying the vast number of executives, business owners, managers and employees who do not have breakfast in the morning. So you will be treated to a delicious and nutritional fresh Caribbean breakfast. From the offset our team will get to know you and they are a very friendly bunch. If also provides an opportunity to ask us questions and find out more about the day. Ice breakers are always fun experiences (even though they can seem initially daunting) and we go through the day with you, including important safety information. Then it is time for activities which will take you up to lunch. After more activities you will enjoy a lovely break to enjoy some joyful live music. Our programme finishes at 3.30pm and for many it is a time to say heartfelt goodbyes (especially with the horses) and reflect on their amazing day in Leicester

For more information about our corporate team building in Leicester including all pricing/quotations please call T.U.E.A on 0116 204 2792 or email us at for full details.